Resume Tips

3 Simple & Effective Cover Letter Writing Tips That Will Make Your Application Soar

Cover letters are a basic requirement for any job application—and they’re often the first material a hiring manager or recruiter reads. As a result, your cover letter provides you an excellent opportunity to capture the attention of prospective employers. Your[...]

Job Search

5 Tips for Successful Professional Networking That Can Land You New Job Opportunities

For many job seekers, the idea of networking is nerve wracking and intimidating. But when you boil it down, job networking is merely relationship building, something that everybody has experience with. You’re building relationships and important connections with family members,[...]

Job Tips

4 Myths & Misconceptions About Working in Manufacturing Busted

The reputation of the manufacturing industry isn’t always a flattering one. When thinking about manufacturing, many people conjure up cliché, dated images of a male-dominated, low-paying labor force executing backbreaking work day after day. They think of empty factories and[...]

Interview Tips

5 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Speech to Land a Job Opportunity

You’re sitting in a cafe, sipping a freshly roasted cup of coffee while scraping the internet for relevant job listings. You’re getting discouraged with the monotony of the job-seeking process and find yourself wishing for an interview. Surely if a[...]

Job Tips

Why Working in the Manufacturing Industry Ain’t Like the Old Days

Many of us are nostalgic about the old days of American manufacturing, conjuring up images of Lucille Ball frantically trying to keep up with a speedy chocolate factory line or generations of men making good, honest livings at Ford plants[...]

Job Tips

6 Skills You Need to Be Successful in a Manufacturing Job

It used to be that a pair of hands, a strong back and a committed work ethic were the most important skills for enjoying a career in manufacturing. Generations of manufacturing workers utilized these hands-on skills for decades as American[...]

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