Austin, MN Staffing Solutions Branch
Masterson Staffing Solutions Location in Austin, MN

104 11th Ave NW
Austin, 55912

Branch Manager Executive Vice President of Operations
Ph: 507-433-0017507-433-0017
Fax: 507-433-9208

James Cavanaugh

Business Development Manager
Ph: 641-231-4524641-231-4524

Curt Britson

Area Manager

Staffing Services for Light Industrial Jobs in Austin, MN

Masterson Staffing’s Austin, MN branch is located on the corner of Main Street and 11th Avenue near Hormel’s corporate offices. Our in-house team is experienced in recruiting and staffing light industrial jobs including, but not limited to, roles in production, manufacturing, and distribution.

If you’re a job seeker near Austin, contact the Austin branch office. Looking for light industrial talent to join your team? Reach out to the Austin, MN business development manager.

Staffing Services for Professional Jobs

Our team of recruiters specializes in working with both job seekers and employers to fill professional jobs across an array of industries.

For placement and staffing for professional jobs, call us at 855-755-5627, or connect with us online through our job seeker or talent request contact forms. We look forward to working with you!