Bloomington, MN - Light Industrial Branch
Masterson Staffing Solutions Location in Bloomington, MN

8772 Lyndale Avenue S
Bloomington, MN 55420

Shad Jacobsen

Branch Manager Executive Vice President of Operations
Ph: 952-881-1071952-881-1071
Fax: 952-881-6142

Joel C. Chopin

Business Development Manager
Ph: 952-881-1071952-881-1071
Fax: 952-881-6142

JP Ralles

Area Manager

Staffing Services for Light Industrial Jobs in Bloomington, MN

Masterson Staffing’s Bloomington, MN light industrial branch is located in the heart of Bloomington off of Lyndale Avenue. Our in-house team specializes in recruiting and staffing for a wide range of light industrial jobs — from production and manufacturing to distribution.

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If you're a job seeker looking for light industrial work near Bloomington, contact the Bloomington light industrial branch office. If you're an employer looking for light industrial talent, contact the Bloomington business development manager.

If you're looking for staffing for professional or office jobs, visit our Bloomington Professional Staffing location's page.