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5 More Myths About Working With a Recruiting Agency

January 31st, 2019 Written by: Masterson Staffing Solutions

We recently wrote an article addressing five myths about working with a recruiting agency. Today we’re addressing five more.

Working in the staffing industry, we often find out our candidates and clients have misunderstandings about how the process operates and what it is that we provide. We’d like to clarify some of the most widespread myths that we come across, and we’ve addressed five of them below.

Myth #1 – It’s not important to impress your recruiter.

The truth: Always strive to make a good impression when you speak with a recruiter. Treat your interview no different than if it were with your potential employer. Your recruiter can be an essential part of the hiring process, and he/she can influence your chance of landing the right job.

Myth #2 – Job sites have made recruiters unnecessary.

The truth: While job boards and websites are a useful resource and are something that many staffing agencies use, they do not work in the same way a recruiter does. One of your recruiter’s main goals is to make sure you are a good fit for the job. They have information on hand that may not be available on job boards and they use that information to ensure they only recommend a job when they think the position is suitable for you. This keeps you from squandering your time pursuing jobs you may not be fit for or that may not meet your salary requirements.

Myth #3 – Recruiters use identical strategies as corporate recruiters & human resources (HR) departments.

The truth: Corporate recruiters and hiring professionals often use the same job resources as recruiters (such as job boards). However, recruiters are different. Their objective is to find the best candidate. An HR manager might only have to hire a new employee a few times a year. Recruiters are continuously filling positions and using all means available because they are dealing with a very high number of candidates.

Myth #4 – Expect a job offer once you secure an interview with a recruiter.

The truth: At Masterson Staffing Solutions, like at many recruiting agencies, we pre-screen our candidates before they’re considered for a position. If you have an interview with one of our recruiters, you are merely being considered to have the employer look at you. An interview with the employer might follow, but only if we determine whether you are the right fit for the position.

Myth #5 – You can’t collect benefits using a recruiting agency.

The truth: You are eligible to receive the same benefits being hired via a staffing agency as you would if you obtained your job through an HR department. We hope the information above clarifies some of the misperceptions clients and candidates have about recruiting agencies.

If you are in need of a professional recruiting agency, or simply wish to have your question(s) answered, don’t hesitate to contact Masterson Staffing Solutions online, by phone or in person!

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