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Want a Free 60” 4K UHD Smart TV With a Stunning Picture?

Answer the Trivia Question Below for a Chance to Win This year at Masterson Staffing, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary as a business. But we would have never made it to 50 years if it wasn’t for you — our[...]

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7 Tips for Explaining Gaps in Employment on Your Resume to Prospective Employers

Getting laid off, fired, or plainly leaving a job is a difficult thing to handle. In fact, a recent study found that the lingering mental effects from being laid off or fired can take longer to recover from than a[...]

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How We Piece Together Mortgage Professional Dream Teams

As a bank or lending institution, you know there are a lot of critical moving parts within your organization to move a mortgage loan from origination to processing to closing. Not the least of which is your team of mortgage[...]

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How to Draw and Retain Top Mortgage Talent With a Solid Company Culture

Between a skeptical millennial workforce and a widening talent gap, mortgage companies don’t have it easy when it comes to attracting and retaining top mortgage talent. For starters, 21% of millennials avoid the financial industry altogether due to rising levels[...]

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Minnesota’s Medical Alley: 8 Companies Growing Local Job Opportunities

Minnesota’s Medical Alley is the No. 1 medical technology cluster for innovation in the world. Home to medical technology companies like Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, and Starkey Hearing, there are many reasons to be a proud employee at one of 750[...]

Employment News

Brick By Brick: How We Built 50 Years of Recruiting Excellence

Grain elevators and recruiters. Already, this sounds like an unlikely story. But for Owen Masterson and Masterson Staffing, this was his reality and our foundation. As an entrepreneur running grain elevators in Walnut Grove, MN and surrounding towns back in[...]

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