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Employee Testimonials

For five decades, Masterson Staffing Solutions has been connecting job seekers like you with fulfilling positions in a variety of industries. We also want to build a strong and lasting relationship. Many of the testimonials you see below come from employees who have been working with us for many years. See what they have to say about their experience:

Shela Atemnkeng

"Aside my passion for improving lives, I chose Boston Scientific because it is Innovative and dedicated to quality. It has a great work environment, strong work ethics and offers opportunities for growth. It also cares about the safety of it's employees. It has been a good experience with Boston. What I enjoy the most is the culture of belongingness that has encouraged me to keep learning fearlessly and improving on my performance. I also love the availability of growth opportunities and I'm looking forward to a brighter future. Masterson was able to distinctively and effectively address my hearing difficulty by making sure I got sufficient accommodations that played a great role on my inclusion. They believed in me and that was a great push to my being successful at Boston so far. Their timely and effective communication via emails and text messages was awesome."

Abby Cairns

“As a temp you are given the opportunity to find a job that best suits your needs. I found that on assignment through Masterson Staffing. The best thing I ever did for myself was take every opportunity given to me and become an asset to the team. Within just a few months, I became versed in my area and found my family away from home. I have become a quality driven operator and have found myself working with the engineers and the planners in their efforts to bring our area to the excellent standards we strive for. After 4 months, I was hired on as a full-time employee and a trainer. I couldn't ask for a better environment or opportunities that have been given to me to advance in my career. Thanks to Masterson Staffing and the company I am on assignment with.”

Destiny Fremont

“I had just moved into town and was looking for work. I contacted Masterson Staffing and they provided several staffing options right away. Masterson Staffing worked with me to find the schedule, pay, and field I was looking for. I am currently working full time for the company Masterson had set me up with and I couldn’t be happier.” “When I came to Masterson I was nervous. I had just quit my job earlier that day, and couldn’t afford to be off for months. I applied that same day and less than two weeks later I was working my first assignment. Thanks to Masterson Staffing I am now a year into the job and feel like this is where I’ll retire. Thank you Masterson!”

Erica Casey

“Since I have had the pleasure of working with Masterson Staffing I have been treated with nothing but genuine kindness, professionalism and support. Working with the amazing staff there I was able to gain invaluable experience that created a better career opportunity. I am now moving in a direction that would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication. I highly recommend their services and personally thank them for helping me change my life.”

John Windsor

“I’m so appreciative to be given a chance. Masterson is a good place to work for and they really look out for a person.”

Vanessa Ruiz

“I have been with Masterson for a little over 2 years, they helped me find a job when I most needed one and for that I am really thankful. I have had the privilege of working with four of the recruiters and they have been awesome. Sam, Sheila, Angie and Jake make working with a temp agency a lot better. They tend to become part of your family once you get to know them, there work can be stressful enough but they are always there for their employees. They do one hell of a job. Thanks Masterson!”

Jon Rorvig

“Masterson never says there is no work available. They always have some job going on. They offer flexible scheduling with their jobs. They work with me on the days I am available to work. I have loved every day working with Masterson. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Jesse Neumann

“For me, my experience with Masterson was phenomenal. Being that I applied and got hired in the tail end of February when most factory production workloads are at a lowered level, I was still placed within two weeks with a company that fit my skills and work history experience. Both Jenn and Julia (a former worker) were courteous and worked hard to find a placement for me. They kept hopeful when the needed labor at potential places fluctuated as their workload changed during a slower time of the year. I was hired on fulltime at the tail end of June with Solar Plastics in Delano, MN. I regularly refer anyone looking for work to come to Masterson if they’re looking for a good job.”

Shane Bruns

“Masterson has a friendly and helpful staff that works for you in helping find work. I am glad they opened a Hutchinson, MN location. They have helped keep bills paid by finding part time work at full time hours when needed.”

Jennifer Garber

“I am so glad that I met Beth at Masterson Staffing, as she has gone above and beyond! I moved up to Minneapolis this summer and wanted a career change, but was unsure about how to about finding that perfect job. I met with Beth, and we talked about what my experiences were as well as what I wanted in my next position. Beth, being the rock star she is, was able to find me a position that matched everything I was looking for right away. I am very thankful to her and her team, and I look forward to continuing working with her in the future!”

Nate Martineau

“Beth is a true professional and it shows in what she does day in and day out. Being a staffing recruiter myself in the past, it was refreshing to work with someone of Beth’s caliber. She is honest, straight to the point with a great sense of humor. She landed me at my dream job and it took maybe a week from our first phone call until I was at my desk in my new job. Beth and the whole Masterson team are wonderful to work with and would highly recommend anyone looking for work to give them a call.”

Alphonzo Lee

“My time here working through Masterson Staffing Solutions has been a great experience. The staffing here are wonderful. They make sure any job I go to is the right job for me and something I am interested in. They also stay in contact with me by phone and email to check in on me to make sure everything is going good as planned. This experience with the Masterson Staffing Solutions office in Buffalo has by far been my best with any other staffing agency.”

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