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How to Use Twitter as a Job Recruiting Tool

October 24th, 2019 Written by: Masterson Staffing Solutions

Twitter has been around for more than a decade, and it’s clear that this social hub isn’t going away anytime soon. A powerful networking tool, Twitter can be excellent for your company’s recruiting efforts. There’s just one caveat. How do you get people to apply for a job with a message of 140 characters or less? While the quickness and ease of Twitter might make it an attractive resource, there are still tips you should follow to establish your presence. Here’s a guide you should follow for successful recruitment on Twitter.

Create a Twitter Account

This might be an obvious choice, but many small to mid-size businesses lack an official Twitter account. For companies that already have a customer-facing Twitter account, it might be helpful to create a separate account for your recruiting needs.

Build Your Following

The most critical step is to build a following. To do so, regularly post updates about your company and retweet useful or interests posts from others in the industry.

Follow similar accounts and people who are industry thought leaders and continuously reply to those who are actively job hunting. Once you have a decent following, you’ll have a great chance of finding success after promoting open positions.

Tweet About Your Company

Your profile’s photos should be relevant to your company. Make sure your Twitter handle explains the intent of the account. For example, aside from Target’s primary Twitter account, its uses a specific account recruiting called @TargetCareers.

The content you post doesn’t need to focus explicitly on recruiting. You could highlight your corporate culture in order to convince potential hires why your company is an ideal workplace. It is essential that you have an optimized page for getting people to find you through Twitter’s search engine. Make sure your account’s bio uses popular keywords such as “job opportunities”, “careers” and/or “open positions”.

Remember That Activity Is Important

Once you’ve created an account, established a decent amount of followers and tweeted about your current job opportunities, make sure you actively check your notifications for mentions or replies. Always be prompt with responses to direct messages. Give commends to the accounts that retweet you and make sure to interact with them as well.

Use Hashtags When You Post Job Positions

To extend the visibility of your tweets, use hashtags. Hashtags offer an effective way to increase your tweet’s visibility. If you use too many hashtags, however, your tweet can end up looking like spam. You can also use hashtags to find people who are looking for jobs and encourage them to apply to yours.

Any tool you use will work better when you know how to use it properly. Twitter is no different. By following these steps, you will set the path to success with your recruiting needs.

At Masterson Staffing Solutions, our recruiters use social media to gain insight into our candidates’ skill levels. This enables us to discover qualified candidates quicker and at a much lower cost. Please contact us online or by phone to learn more!

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