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MARCH Blog: Why You Should Start Your Recruiting Career at an Agency

March 5th, 2019 Written by: Masterson Staffing Solutions

Recruiters are ambitious people who impel themselves and those around them to excel both professionally and personally. With a recruitment agency, you’ll be working in a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. A good agency will encourage you to be your best, as well as grow and perfect your skills.

To start your career in recruiting, we highly recommend that you begin by working at an agency. Here are our top five reasons why:

You Will Learn to be Competitive

It’s no secret that recruiting is a competitive niche, and recruitment agencies are competitive in many different ways. As an agency recruiter you will compete against other organizations, your colleagues and corporate recruiters. You certainly can’t afford to be sluggish. Working in this environment will make you better at whatever you pursue as a career path. You will constantly be developing new skills to overcome the competition.

Your Attitude Will Change (For The Better)

Learning to “get the job done” will help you see things in a more encouraging light. Simply put, working at a recruiting agency will help you become more confident, which will in turn help you become increasingly successful at your job. You will begin to see failure as a learning opportunity. You can then apply that knowledge to prevent future failures.

You Will Learn to Network

At an agency you’ll often make deep personal connections with those you work with. You’ll most likely develop your own personal network. Networking is a wonderful skill to have when it comes to growing your career. You will learn how to build and maintain long-term relationships and earn a strong reputation. By helping others, you will have an easier time receiving assistance when you need help down the line.

Your Interview & Observation Skills Will Improve

Most agencies will require you to perform a specific number of onsite interviews every week. These interviews will help you better understand human nature. You’ll have an easier time recognizing a person’s traits and whether or not they are being truthful. You’ll become more analytical and you’ll develop a stronger attention to detail. These skills will be beneficial in any job. They can be useful in your personal life as well.

Working For an Agency is Exciting!

Closing a deal, securing a placement and gaining new clients: these things are exciting! When your candidates and clients are pleased with your work, it can be very rewarding.

If you are contemplating a recruiting role, we strongly recommend that you start by working with an established recruiting agency.

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