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What is Job Satisfaction?

April 8th, 2019 Written by: Masterson Staffing Solutions

How do we define job satisfaction? Job satisfaction directly relates to your feelings and happiness about the work you’re performing. Many workplace factors can affect your perception of your work, such as your relationships with coworkers, corporate policies, your contributions, and general appreciation of your work.

One of the most critical questions to ask yourself to see if you are satisfied with your job is this: are you doing work that you love or loving the work that you do? Because job satisfaction directly correlates with your happiness, having no enjoyment in your work will ultimately lead you to be unsatisfied with your current job, which many people might find to be the case. This sentiment isn’t only felt at an office-worker level. In fact, it’s possible that many professional athletes and stars in the entertainment business are not fully satisfied with their job.

If you are truly unhappy with the work you do, and even if you don’t have your dream job, there are ways to increase your satisfaction at work. Researcher Frederick Herzberg claimed there are two factors: “hygiene” and “motivators”.

The “hygiene” factors are the dissatisfiers. You will feel more satisfied once these issues are resolved. Examples of “hygiene” factors are administrative policies, pay, working conditions, management, and interpersonal relationships. The “motivators” are the satisfiers. These include the actual work you do, additional responsibilities given to you, promotions, and achievements and recognition.

How can you address two factors and increase your overall happiness at your job? If you’re experiencing a “hygiene” issue, talk with a supervisor about how you feel. This could lead to a company-wide discussion on a policy that many other workers dislike, which could lead to a change.

Maybe it’s a “motivator” that is affecting your job satisfaction, and you want to take on more responsibility. In that case, display your credibility and ask for it. If you have a proven track record of completing your tasks, you might find it easier to convince your boss for more autonomy. A result of this could be a more efficient workflow, which could lead to further resolution of other problems.

Sometimes these tactics don’t work. If this is the case, you might have to seriously analyze additional motivators such as possible advancements in you and your coworker’s careers. It’s entirely possible the company you work for isn’t right for you, which means you might need to set professional goals in regards to improving your job satisfaction. An example of a professional goal could be becoming an expert in your field, allowing you to reach for higher career roles, or flat out finding a different job at a company that you appreciate working for.

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