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5 Things You Need to Do After a Job Interview to Impress Employers

December 3rd, 2018 Written by: Molly Masterson

The job interview is one of the most anticipated and anxiety-inducing parts of the job search. It’s where the first impression is made and skills are evaluated, helping hiring managers narrow down their pool of candidates. In fact, 33% of hiring managers know whether or not they’re going to hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an interview.

But what about after the interview?

If you want to impress potential employers beyond your first meeting, there are some steps you can take to make sure you stay top of mind.

Having worked closely with hiring managers across a variety of industries, we know what stands out and what doesn’t. Below, you’ll find our top five tips for leaving a great after-interview impression.

1. Ask When They Will Make Their Decision

Tom Petty said it best when he said: “The waiting is the hardest part.” As a job seeker, we’re sure you can relate. To make sure you’re not left wondering when you’ll hear back from employers, ask them when you can expect to hear back before you leave the interview or in a follow-up email. This also allows you to plan out your communications so you’re not pestering the hiring manager with too many questions or demands. For example, if you know they won’t make their decision for two weeks, you won’t make the mistake of asking for their decision just one week after the interview.

2. Show Your Appreciation

When you’re searching for employment you want to do everything in your power to increase your standing with employers. And a simple thank you goes a long way.

In fact, CareerBuilder has found that 22% of hiring managers are less likely to hire a candidate if they fail to send a post-interview thank you note. Had the survey included thank you emails as well, we’re sure that percentage would rise. In addition, that same survey found that 91% of employers like being thanked.

Simply put, a “thank you” is a no-brainer and one of the best ways to ensure employers think of you in a positive light.

3. Connect With the Interviewer on LinkedIn

When you’re looking for employment, it’s all about who you know. From references to referrals, your connections can be the key to getting your foot in the door or getting the job offer of your dreams.

With that in mind, connect with the people you met throughout the interview process on LinkedIn. Not only does this grow your personal network with new connections, but it also surfaces possible mutual connections you may share. If it turns out that you do in fact have a mutual connection with a hiring manager or would-be coworker, that’s a new relationship that you can leverage.

To make sure your LinkedIn profile puts your best professional foot forward, review our tips for creating an attractive LinkedIn profile.

4. Follow Up If You Haven’t Heard Back

During the hiring process, unexpected things can crop up and delay the timeline. Maybe there’s a new internal candidate they’re considering. Perhaps they want to put off making a hire until the next quarter. Or they’re just having a hard time making a decision. But even though it’s taking them a while to get back to you, you still need to let them know you’re interested.

If the decision deadline they gave you comes and goes, reach out with a quick email letting them know you’re very interested in the position and would love to hear of their decision.

5. Give Your References a Heads-Up

Think the interview went really well? If so, the professional references you selected will probably get a call. Make sure they’re prepared to answer the phone and provide a glowing recommendation by letting them know you interviewed with “XYZ” company and would appreciate their words of support.

It’s also a good idea to give your references plenty of information about the company and the position you applied for. The more information they have, the more they can tailor their recommendation to the job you applied for.  

Going the Extra Mile

Having a successful interview is necessary if you want to increase your chances of a job offer. But the actions you take after the interview hold plenty of weight and influence as well. So, make sure you’re taking the right steps and going the extra mile with the advice listed above.

Can’t tell if your interview went that well? Compare your performance against our job interview do’s and don’ts to see if you hit (or missed) the mark.

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