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As the first point of contact for all customer interaction, there’s no denying that call centers are imperative for a seamless customer experience. In fact, 80% of consumers prefer talking to an agent on the phone, making call centers an integral part of business.

After 50 years of experience in recruiting call center talent for national companies in inbound, outbound, and internal call center capacities, we know how to find the perfect match for both job seekers and employers.

When it comes to working with our client companies, we work with you to get a deep understanding of your staffing needs. From there, we create a plan to connect you with the right industry talent who can help you reach your goals. Similarly, we work with call center job seekers to understand your experience, skills and career goals, and offer you solutions to help move you forward.

Below you can find the three types of call centers we staff on a regular basis and the types of positions we have experience in staffing.

Inbound Call Center Recruiting & Placement

Inbound call centers are on the front-lines of customer service, handling issues from outstanding bills to product complaints. As a result, experienced customer service professionals with excellent listening and problem solving skills are in demand.

Masterson Staffing has worked with some of the nation’s leading credit card companies, banks, and insurance firms to connect them with talented customer service professionals and fill their flex, flex-to-hire, and direct-hire positions for their inbound call centers.

Positions We Staff for Inbound Call Centers

Inbound Call Center Testimonial
  • Customer Contact Specialist
  • Contact Center Specialist
  • Client Service Representative
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Customers Service Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Account Service Representative
  • Call Center Team Leaders
  • Call Center Trainers
  • Call Center Coaches
  • Technical Support Specialist

Outbound Call Center Recruiting & Placement

Outbound call centers instead place calls to customers to schedule sales demonstrations, collect survey data, receive donations, and more. This means companies are looking for professionals with excellent communication skills and cold outreach experience.

Since 1968, we have worked closely with well-known marketing companies, collection agencies, and fundraisers to connect them with talented outbound call center agents and managers that help them meet their business goals.

Positions We Staff in Outbound Call Centers

Outbound Call Center Representative Job Growth Stat

For marketing companies: 

  • Telemarketing Sales Representative
  • Telemarketer
  • Call Center Agent
  • Call Center Representative
  • Call Center Operator 

For collection agencies:

  • Collection Agent
  • Collection Clerk
  • Billing Clerk
  • Billing Representative
  • Debt Collector
  • Insurance Collector
  • Insurance Billing Clerk
  • Patient Account Representative
  • Payment Collector
  • Credit/Collection Manager 

For fundraising companies:

  • Donation Worker
  • Solicitor
  • Campaign Specialists

Internal Call Centers Recruiting & Placement

Internal call centers are designed to support employees through technical support, information on employee benefits, and human resources. This allows companies to offer their employees a point of contact to address their concerns and access benefits information without bogging down key departments of the company. Because of this, businesses need internal agents with strong multi-tasking and organizational skills.

At Masterson Staffing, we have a long standing history of sourcing top internal call center talent for both national and local companies in a wide range of positions including flex, flex-to-hire, and direct-hire.

Positions We Staff in Internal Call Centers

  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Benefits Enrollment Specialist
  • Human Resources Representative