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Top Mistakes That Hiring Managers Make (And How to Avoid Them)

September 20th, 2019 Written by: Masterson Staffing Solutions

Not all companies follow the same hiring process. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, as the values and traits they look for in an ideal candidate will vary. What can be troubling is that the hiring process can draw out for weeks, even months. This creates a frustrating experience for the job seeker and leaves a position vacant. Additional problems that arise from poorly managed recruitment might include inaccurate job postings and unfulfilling interviews.

A bad hiring experience can affect your organization’s performance. Fortunately there are ways to prevent mistakes, and recognizing the following common errors that hiring managers make will save you time and money during the recruitment process.

Being Unresponsive

Only 40 percent of those who apply for job postings receive a response. Whether or not you are actively seeking new talent, being unresponsive is never a good way to represent your company. To protect your image and attract high quality talent, be amicable and communicative.

If an individual inquires about open job positions (even if the company isn’t actively recruiting), offer a response to check in another time. The applicants should also be made aware of rejection.

Pursuing an Unrealistic “Ideal Candidate”

The candidate who fits the job correctly – by having just enough experience, education and qualifying skills – is referred to as a “purple squirrel”. This is a theoretical candidate who marks all of the boxes of qualifications and will fit in perfectly with the company’s culture. However, just as purple squirrels don’t genuinely exist in nature, they most likely don’t exist in the workplace. There is not going to be a candidate who fits all of your requirements. The description of the perfect candidate is often far too unrealistic, and that can harm your hiring efforts.

If you’re discouraged from hearing that, understand how discouraged a potentially fantastic job seeker is when looking at your job posting. No single career path is linear, and not every candidate is going to share the same experience. You might even find that there are other skills or traits you would love in a candidate after interviewing him or her. Of course the job posting should outline the desirable experience and qualifications, but a hiring manager should have an open mind and not solely seek applicants that matches every criterion.

A Poorly Executed Onboarding Process

The hiring manager has a massive impact on the onboarding process. The earliest stages of onboarding begins with the hiring manager. He/she will act as a guide and welcome a new employee to the company. The onboarding process should by aided not only by the hiring manager, but by anyone who was involved in the hiring process. This could be directors and supervisors from different departments or anyone from human resources (HR).

A bond between the newly hired employee and those who were part of the onboarding process should begin from day one. Before the candidate’s first day, preparations for onboarding should have started. Any materials or documents necessary for onboarding should be prepared in advance, and they should be easily shareable and accessible to other employees. You should also pass this information off to the newly hired employee before their first day so they can get acquainted with the organization and departments early on.

There is power in selecting future employees. It is a privilege, and the responsibility should be taken seriously. Taking the time to prepare the interviewing and onboarding process will allow hiring managers to avoid common mistakes, and it will ensure that your company will find the right candidate for the job.

Are you a hiring manager in need of help? Masterson Staffing Solutions has been working with the nation’s top companies to fulfill their staffing needs and matching job seekers with employment opportunities for more than 50 years. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, online or by visiting one of our office locations.

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